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Dr. Mike Muzekenyi


  • Doctor of Philosophy (Behavioral & Applied Economics)
  • Master of Commerce in Economics (Macro & Microeconomics)
  • Bachelor of Commerce Honours in Economics
  • Bachelor of Commerce in Economics

Dr. Muzekenyi is a seasoned Lead Researcher and Development Economist with over 15 years of conducting development economic programs, research, and program evaluations.

He is a skillful, innovative, and intelligent economist with a significant amount of expertise in policy formulation and business development. I possess in-depth knowledge of complex economic concepts, and business development, and am adept at applying economic theories and ideas in real-world situations (Policy formulation). He has experience in conducting research for policy formulation and business development projects (Economic planning, data collection, and data analysis (Macro and Microeconomics). He further has excellent communication, and interpersonal skills and can work effectively and efficiently alone or with others

Email: info@charteredmanagers.co.za

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